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3 min read

Welcome to ChatGPT, May I Take Your Order?

Businesses have been benefitting from the efficiencies provided by machines since the 1700s. As technology continues to advance, new tools and applications arise. For restaurant operators facing persistent labor shortages and increasing wages, the...

New add-on features packs are available in the Intouch Insight Platform

2 min read

CX Tech Top-ups: New Product Add-On Feature Packs!

The Intouch Insight Platform just got a lot more powerful! Our new add-on feature packs allow you to customize the Intouch Insight Platform to meet...

2 min read

Restaurant Technology, Pet Retailers, and the Latest Banking Trends

What do consumers have to say this May? Below are some of the key data points from our latest Flash Points Surveys. These are pulse surveys of...

How will the right restaurant inspection software help your team?

3 min read

3 Benefits of Restaurant Inspection Software

All restaurants, especially chains, that are focused on achieving operational excellence perform some combination of daily, weekly, monthly, or even...

Four questions you should ask while evaluating a Mystery Shopping Company

4 min read

How to Choose a Mystery Shopping Company

Whether you’re launching a new mystery shopping program or improving an existing one, third party mystery shopping providers, aka MSPs, are a big...

Key learning from the 2023 Emerging Experiences Study

2 min read

Emerging Experiences: Where Tech Meets Taste

From Consumer Trend Reports to the Annual Drive-Thru Study, Intouch Insight has been a trusted source of customer experience data for years. Now, in...

Customize your dashboards to uncover the truth behind your cx data

1 min read

CX Tech Top-ups: Greater Visibility into Your Data!

At Intouch Insight we are constantly revamping our software to make it as powerful as possible. This month, we added new features to the Intouch...

2 min read

Breakfast Trends, Popular Pizza Joints, and AI in the Drive-Thru

At Intouch Insight, we believe in making data-driven decisions. In addition to the software and services we provide our partners, we conduct ongoing...

1 min read

How Restaurant Checklists Improve Daily Performance

Running a restaurant can be chaotic. With a long list of tasks to complete before the next rush, ensuring staff members get to everything and nothing...

With this feature update, you will be able to set custom icons for your dashboards

1 min read

CX Tech Top-ups: Custom Icons for Dashboards!

Here at Intouch Insight, we are always releasing new features to make our user’s experience as seamless as possible. This month, we added a new...