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2 min read

3 Ways Restaurants Can Handle a Minimum Wage Increase

One of the most significant, yet essential costs restaurant managers face are labor costs. Luckily, with efficient processes and well-trained staff these costs can be kept under control. With the recent 31.6% hike in Ontario minimum wage, restaurateurs...

4 Tips To Prepare Your Restaurant For Labor Day Weekend

2 min read

How to Prepare your Restaurant for Labor Day Weekend

On one of the busiest long weekends of the year, it’s essential to prepare your restaurant for the influx of customers. With added customers comes more intensity, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There are many ways to ensure that your teams are...

Restaurant Mystery Shopping [Infographic]

When you own or operate a restaurant with multiple locations, it's impossible to be on the floor at all times, so it's essential to see exactly how employees are representing your brand on a regular basis. Mystery shopping your locations ensures...

The Benefits of Using Restaurant Checklists [Infographic]

Restaurant checklists are a simple yet powerful tool that can actually transform how your restaurant operates. Whether you manage one location or thousands, restaurant checklists help focus your staff on what's important to your business so you can:

4 min read

How To Successfully Open A New Restaurant

Opening a new restaurant, although very exciting, can be equally as challenging. In fact, 60 percent of restaurants fail during their first year. While that can be a result of different factors, there are a few things new restaurant owners and operators...

Restaurant Holiday Party

3 min read

Restaurant Holiday Party Guide

With the holiday season already upon us, it’s time to start preparing your restaurant for all of the parties and event reservations that are fast approaching. Since this can be one of the busiest times of year for your business, it’s important to take...

QSR Drive-thru Experience

3 min read

How To Improve Your QSR's Drive-Thru Experience

In the QSR industry, overall customer experience is largely impacted by how well the drive-thru operates. With a whopping 70% of service coming from the drive-thru, it’s critical that businesses have processes in place to help increase speed of service...


2 min read

Restaurant Inspections: Four Reasons to Go Mobile

If your restaurants are unprepared for health department inspections, the reputation and sales of your brand are put at risk - not to mention the safety of your guests. In fact, about 48 million people per year suffer from foodborne illnesses, a public...

4 min read

11 Things You'll Learn from Restaurant Mystery Shopping

 Restaurant mystery shopping programs focus specifically on measuring your business’s performance and evaluating all aspects of the dining experience. By using one of these programs, you’ll get insights into your operations that you wouldn’t otherwise be...